lørdag 4. januar 2014

godt nytt år - happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!
I am obsessed with bathrooms at the moment...
ours is redy for a makeover, and we start in two weeks!!!
There are so many wonderful bathrooms
(though probably more ugly oners;-)
and I have collekted some of them here at Pinterest.
Did you have champagne on new years eve?
I drunk it from a port glass...but it still tasted good;-)
I love champagne glasses - and these are lovely ones <3 p="">
I always feel a little "blue" when it comes to canging into a new year,
but I hope for an exhigting 2014 with great challenges and a lot of fun!
Talking about fun...
...I turn 40 this year, and are planning for a great, big party.
So far circus is my working-title.
Circus is great fun but allso very melancholic.
I find elements from the circus allso in the world of interior at the moment.
Circus ceilings, stripes, harlequin pattern etc.
I wish you all a happy new year 2014
and some nice time in you bathroom;-)

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