tirsdag 3. januar 2012

Might I be excused for repeating my self: There's nothing like a striped wallaper!

Some things might not be mentioned to often;-)
The stripes have to be broad though!
I love them i hallways, and in bedrooms.
It looks very, very nice in the ceiling!
and it's ideal to combine with other patterns.
The colors have to be bold - silver and grey is so not interesting!!!
I can't wait to get it somewhere my self - and as I've said before, it might be in the ceiling in the kids rooms, or in the dining-room.
Farrow & Ball has some really nice ones!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vi skal faktisk tapetsere taket i soverommet til Indie med et rosa-stripete tapet! Og guess what? Det var hennes forslag!

  2. KuUult! hvilken?
    Gleder meg til å se! Er det hun med den spraymalte sengen?